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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

3 August 2011: John Callaghan, Chair of PACT

An answer for burn out?

I have just retired from teaching, after a career of thirty seven years, the last twenty at the Petersfield School.

According to research, we are busier than ever.  Modern life means children don’t spend enough time with their parents, adults struggle to achieve a work-life balance and many of those living the single life are completely flat out with back-to-back schedules.  Many feel life is on permanent ‘fast forward’. So do we need to challenge our business or just recharge the batteries?

Someone recently questioned ‘will we have anything to show for all the busyness, competition and activity...?' If we are constantly burdened by the weight of the many chores, tasks, responsibilities, obligations and commitments in life, then perhaps it is time for a change!

Summer holidays are here, but for many of us, the relaxation they can offer is replaced by further activity.  So how can we build in breaks and tranquil moments?  A traditional and increasingly valued occupation is to attend church.  Surrounded by friendly faces we can be ourselves and be refreshed by a peace which is eternal.

The message of Christianity promises that, through a relationship with our heavenly Father, we can truly find peace.  If you would like to find out more, and explore the meaning of life, why not come along to an Alpha course or just drop in on your local Church. We can assure you of a warm welcome.  Check out the churches together web pages on  where you will find many organisations and groups.

If you are interested in a new group call Town Chaplaincy, which is being set up to befriend people in business and other organisations in Petersfield, please e-mail me at

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