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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

24 August 2011: Brian Blogg, Petersfield United Reformed Church

Turning the clock back!

I imagine that we have all had moments when we wished that we could 'turn the clock back'. It may be something that we have said or done, or something that we have failed to do. We all do it literally once a year as British Summer time ends and rogue motor traders might do it frequently to a second-hand vehicle.

Almost sixty years ago following Billy Graham's three month visit to England one senior church leader said that he had turned the clock back one hundred years for the church in England. Billy is reputed to have said how sorry he was since he had hoped to set it back some two thousand years.

Over recent years and particularly during the last few weeks it has become increasingly apparent that society in general has strayed so very far from God's ideals as set out in his Word, the Bible. The time is ripe for leaders of all faiths to declare what is right and acceptable behaviour. Oh that we, His church, might return to the example of the first century church, denouncing wrongdoing for what it is - sin against a holy God - but forgiveness and new life in Jesus Christ, proclaiming the lordship of Christ and its implications for the lifestyle of those who claim to be his disciples and praying fervently for revival that our nation might be turned around as it was by the Evangelical Awakening in the eighteenth century. May God help us!

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