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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

14 October 2011: Captain Barrie Cox, The Salvation Army, Petersfield Corps

Is there a God?

We all at some time ask ourselves this question; ‘Is there a God’? I once believed that ‘God did not exist; I was a typical scientist and believed that everything around us ‘came about’ by chance. Then one day I challenged God to ‘prove’ He exists; and amazingly He did; in a variety of ‘miraculous’ ways.

The consequences to my life were ‘extreme’; I become a believer and also ‘changed career’, abandoning my scientific career to become a minister. I served for many years as an officer in The Salvation Army, and once I retired came to live in the lovely town of Petersfield. However I have ‘kept in touch’ with the advances in the scientific world, and find it ‘interesting’ how attitudes are slowly changing; and many scientists are now quietly asking themselves ‘Is there a God’?

What has brought about this transformation? It is not the ‘preaching’ of the Christian community; it is due to what their own data is telling them! I could write a long list and give endless examples; but the bottom line is that from the weirdness of the quantum world to the wonders of cosmology; the results of scientific exploration are revealing that ‘reality’ could not have ‘come about by chance’; it had to be designed! A designer means there had to be a creator; in other words a God. Strange as it may seem; I predict that within ten years SCIENCE WILL PROVE THAT THERE IS A GOD

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