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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

2nd November 2011: Bob Slade, St Mary Magdalen, Sheet

Man doesn't learn from war history

The start of November sees us focus on historical scenes of conflict. November 5th is tied to the Gunpowder Plot in1605 and Armistice Day (November 11th 1918) saw the end of the "war to end wars".

Our churches are often full on Remembrance Sunday as we consider the continuing impact of civil wars and wars between countries, and more recently, between differing ideologies.

The big story underlying the narrative thread throughout the Bible is that of God moving through history to reconcile man with himself, to the extent that he was prepared to give his own son to ensure that this has been achieved.

It is noteworthy that the Christian churches in out town continue to come together as one in supporting PACT - Petersfield Area Churches Together.

In the historical conflict between the flawed living of mankind and the ways of a loving God, it was always he who took the initiative to deliver reconciliation.

In seeking a cure for man's propensity for conflict, it is up to individuals to respond personally to that initiative and for the Christian church to declare and live that fullest life for the benefit of all.

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