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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

16th November 2011: Robin Ive, United Reformed Church

Why believe the Bible?

Science has affected the lives of all of us in the last 200 years and there are people who believe that science can also solve every problem and reveal how we started life on this planet; so there is no need for God in the equation.

Christmas used to be the commemoration of the coming into this world of God in Jesus, but today when you go to the shops there is no mention of the birth of Christ. The media treats the Christian faith as irrelevant and a myth. Has society been brain washed with miss-information? The answer is yes; The Bible has stood the test of time and many have criticised it over the years, but as more evidence becomes available the Bible has been vindicated.

There is very little evidence for evolution and it is still not proved. Creation is very complicated, any missing factor would not allow life to exist. No life would be possible unless information is stored on DNA molecules and ultimately translated into proteins which are the workhorses of living cells. This is the product of intelligence not chance. Science does not have anything to say about the emotions like love, hate, evil and faith, yet we all know they are very evident.

The world is in a mess because it has ignored God's manual for life, the Bible, however we can individually respond to God's love. The greatest proof of a loving God is the changed lives of millions of people. Read the Christmas story for yourself and make up your own mind.

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