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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

7 December 2011: Di Mackarnes, Unity Christian Bookshop, Petersfield

A good book to give this Christmas

Mankind has come a long way from the days of papyrus scrolls - monks closeted away for years arduously translating and copying down the words of God for future generations into Bibles.

They come in many English versions, from the original King James to the modern paraphrasing of today and everything in between.

Now that we are busy planning for Christmas, shouldn't we stop briefly to ponder why we are doing so?

God sent his son Jesus to become human like us, to redeem the world, to die on a cross and save me and you.

Not all that long after Christmas, the wonders of God will again be revealed in his risen son at Easter. Now that is a good gift, and a very good reason to celebrate and to thank and praise him!

Thousands of Christian writers have produced books about the remarkable changes God has made, and is still making, in their lives.

Whilst considering what to do for friends and family this Christmas, giving or receiving such a book could open amazing new door and new possibilities in their lives and be a worthy addition to any gift list.

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