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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

9 December 2011: Mike Knee, St Mary Magdalen, Sheet

The arts at the heart of Christmas

In this Advent season, Christians look forward to the coming of Emmanuel ("God with us"). One way in which God's presence cuts across human endeavour is in our creativity. The Bible tells us that we are created in God's image. We may know little about that image, but one thing we do know is that God is creative, and our own creativity reflects that. Christmas coming up is a good time for being creative, whether in art, music, drama, cooking or "just" diplomatically organising family gatherings! My own church recently brought many adults and children together for a day of Christmas-related art and craft. What a wonderful idea in this time of financial restraint.

This season is also a great opportunity to celebrate and support the creativity of those around us, by going to school plays and carol services, hearing beautiful Advent and Christmas music in churches, supporting live music in pubs and on the street, getting pantomime tickets, or attending local art exhibitions. In supporting creative people and projects, we are tapping into the spirit of the season more than we might ever have guessed. Let's put the arts at the heart of our Christmas, and celebrate the gifts, the richness and the imagination that come from the Creator of the universe, who had the crazy idea to come and share our life.

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