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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

14 December 2011: Rev'd Will Hughes, St Peter's Church, Petersfield

Christmas is not a perfect time

There are few days where the expectations are set so high as they are for Christmas Day.

The long season of preparation, the attempt to buy the right present for the people we love, the effort that goes into the cooking and decorating; all this work comes to its conclusion on Christmas Day and we want it to be perfect.

There are many, however, for whom Christmas Day is not perfect, but a difficult and painful time. There are those for whom every Christmas is a reminder of those who are not there.

We do not have to look very hard at the Christmas story to discover that it has more in common with this experience.

Jesus was born into a world of separation, loss and struggle, and it was because of these things that he came.

He came to bring hope and life to the hardship of shepherds, travellers and families, the elderly and those who are alone.

Christmas is not ruined by the sorrows we experience. Rather our sorrow finds hope and our grief is made bearable because of the wonder of the Christ coming to share in it and redeem it.

I hope that you will have a peaceful and a joyful Christmas.

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