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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

14 March 2012: Stephen Field, The Salvation Army Petersfield

Visiting a different culture?

I have just returned from a very exciting weekend away, where I was learning what I needed to consider before going to a distant country. I have travelled many times before, visiting places that are very similar in culture to our own, but the weekend was in preparation for a very different culture, and required a lot of concentration and listening to ensure that I understood the risks involved.

Even when I have travelled to places that are similar to our own way of life, there has always been a long list of things to consider. Is my passport up to date? Have I booked all the travel arrangements? Should I buy the currency here? ... and so the list goes on.

The journey we make through our life is no different. We have to prepare each step of the way if we are to make it through, and sometimes the considerations that we have to make seem endless.

However, the preparation required to meet God can seem very culturally different from our day-to-day living, and yet the truth is, God actually wants to meet us in our every day living. We sometimes make hard work of meeting with God, believing that we have to say a complex prayer before we can reach him, or wait until we get to Church before we can sense his presence. However, there is no preparation required to meet God. He is already here - right now. All you have to do is believe, and follow him.

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