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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

30 March 2012: David Ramsay - Petersfield United Reformed Church

Olympic Torch

The Olympic Torch Relay route was recently announced and I was excited to find out that it will pass through Petersfield on Monday 16th July.

Over 8,000 torchbearers have been selected and along the route they will hand the torch to each other spreading the Olympic message of peace, unity and friendship.

Torchbearers have been nominated by someone they know. It will be their moment to shine; inspiring millions of people watching in their community and beyond. They have stood out because of acts of kindness they have shown, achievements they have strived for, battling against an illness or triumphing over adversity.

When the torch goes through Petersfield in July the town can come together and celebrate and encourage the torchbearers and it will highlight the Olympics are coming in a matter of days to the UK. This is a very public endeavour by the sports community and by individuals involved.

The Bible asks every Christians to be a light or beacon in our communities in any way that we can to offer God's love and hope to individuals who live here. Often this hope and love can help in times of darkness and despair and when people are finding the reality of life tough.

As Christians we need to become the torchbearers of our Christian faith and make a public witness to share Gods message of peace, unity and friendship to everyone.

Click here to see details of the Olympic Torch route through Petersfield

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