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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

13 April 2012: John Powell, Petersfield Methodist Church

Did you feel let down at Easter?

So Easter has come and gone once again! I wonder if you bought an Easter Egg for a youngster? You got it home, and began to realise that the packing was a lot bigger than the egg inside. Then, when it was opened by the expectant child, they found that the chocolate shell was very thin, and inside there was nothing. It all seemed a bit of a let-down.

On the first Easter morning, some of Jesus' friends went along to the grave to put the finishing touches to the spices that were with the grave-clothes, and all they found was, almost, NOTHING. Well, the graveclothes were neatly wrapped up on a shelf, but Jesus was not there. It must have seemed a bit like a let-down. But later that same day, around ten of the friends were together in a 'safe house', for they were scared for their own safety. Suddenly Jesus was with them. He calmly said 'Peace be with you'. Peace? That was the last thing they had in mind just then, as they tried to make sense of the events of the last few days. But somehow, the fact that Jesus was standing among them did indeed bring peace into their hearts. More than peace, they were filled with JOY; joy that Jesus had overcome death, and was truly alive, and became the centre of their lives once again. For them, the meeting with the risen Lord Jesus was the start of a new and exciting phase in their lives. The meeting had changed them for ever.

Yes, your experience of a disappointing Easter Egg may have been something of a let-down. Sorry! But encounter with the risen Lord Jesus is never a let-down. It is sure to be the most wonderful experience of your life. Risk talking to a Christian friend, and see if you, too, can meet Him in Person.

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