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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

11 May 2012: Paul Curd, St Mary Magdalen, Sheet


As the Season of Easter passes, nature reminds us of the promise of life, fulfilling our hopes with the return of warmth and light. A sense of joy begins to flourish in our hearts, and we look forward once more to sharing in the celebration of life with family and friends over the coming summer months. It is now that we have an opportunity to reflect upon our patient winter wait one last time.

There is much time and space given today to the unfortunate term 'broken'. Broken Britain, broken marriages and broken lives are all familiar to our ears nowadays. Within our walk of Faith, the term 'broken' is familiar also, but we endeavour to understand the notion in a different way. Through much prayer and the seeking of grace in difficult times, we are reminded of our Easter vigil and what it is to be broken. The Gospel of St John reminds us that "Not one of His bones shall be broken" John 19:36. John's Gospel is profound and consistent in its depth. We come to understand this point in the disciple's writing through an earlier verse and one of his letters, and therein we find assurance of the indwelling of the unbroken Spirit of Christ, which together with the unbroken Body ensured all that was necessary for His Life to return.

The things we come to understand though this in our Christian life are multifaceted, amongst which we learn the marvellous potential of the spirit, which though unseen, can guarantee our future through faith, which is the humble understanding and fulfilment of what is required of us.

Let us seek therefore to encourage and support each other as we move into the warmer summer months, to nurture hope where we are able, and to share our joy of life with others where we find it, that it too may grow.

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