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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

8 June 2012: Rev'd Will Hughes, St Peter's, Petersfield

A Diamond Jubilee

There can be no other topic this week that the celebrations of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, but as I am writing this before the weekend, I must write about what the Jubilee means, rather than the things which happened over these four days.

It is particularly apt that this jubilee, celebrating the 60 years reign of Queen Elizabeth II should carry the name of 'diamond'. A diamond is, of course, a thing of enormous value and price, as well as being a thing of great beauty, which, in turn, makes its surroundings beautiful by its presence. This, I think, is a fine description of our monarch. Her value to us is much more than the price of her palaces and crowns, and the country seems a richer and better place for having the queen at its head.

But there are other aspects to a diamond. It is also strong beyond belief, and long lasting because of its strength. The hardness of things can be measured by comparing them to the strength of a diamond. It is the strength and reliability of the queen that makes her a standard by which we can measure ourselves. There are many homes which have a best set of cups and saucers 'in case the queen comes for tea', and many schools and classrooms are made tidy and decorated well 'as if the queen was coming to see us'.

The worth of a diamond, though, lies not only in its chemical composition or its size, but in its integrity. Flaws make it more ordinary and fragile. We celebrate this weekend, not simply because we have a queen who has reigned for 60 years, but because she has reigned with integrity. This is the true measure of all of us, whatever our rank or profession.

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