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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

27 June 2012: David Storey, All Saints, Steep

God as the Ground of our Being

Next year will be sixty years since Bishop John Robinson published Honest to God. How much more honest have we became about our belief in God? Or perhaps better, how much have we done to become clearer in our understanding of who or what is God?

Dawkins and others have suggested that Christians believe in a God which most of us reject. We regret what some people have done in the name of God and what some still do. This does not change the reality of God. So what is it?

Historically we have had false images of God, who is essentially a very important mystery. Can I suggest that you try using an acronym of Ground-of-Being: GoB, instead of God, so we know that we are trying a new way of expression.

Jesus never used the word God, because he probably only spoke Aramaic, Hebrew and Koine Greek (the international language of the day). He probably did not use the sacred name of God of the Jews but alternative words that people understood meant God. Jesus’ GoB he described as what is best translated as Daddy or Heavenly Daddy. In the Lord’s Prayer we say “our Father who art in heaven”.

So, Jesus’s (God/GoB) is in a good place, heaven, which does not mean other than where we are. Heaven is everywhere. But GoB is in all that is created, including ourselves. He is totally loving and forgiving. Before next year will we try to understand a believable God or GoB (Ground of Being).

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