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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

4 July 2012: Liam Maguire, 20s - 40s Development Worker, Petersfield United Reformed Church

A Greater Hope in Uncertain Times

Uncertainty seems to cloud the futures of many homes and families in this country. Although the Office for National Statistics announced that although unemployment has fallen by over 8%, there remains over 2.5 million people who are not in employment. More people are turning to credit, not as a short term option to cash flow issues, but as a long term financial solution. For the many facing a jobless summer, and a fanatical unstable Christmas, it can be difficult to find hope in the crushing abyss of uncertainty and suffering.

Christianity stands in a unique position, offering a place in which suffering, pain and uncertainty finds meaning as part of a grander story. The gospel, the Good News, at the heart of the Christian faith tells the story of how God entered into the collective struggle human history as the person of Jesus. God, living as a man, struggling with homelessness, financial hardship, rejection and suffering. Eventually, dying wrongly condemned, nailed like a traitor to a Roman cross to make amends for the wrong doing of humanity.

However, it is Jesus' return to life that brings joy to millions worldwide. It is in this story of victory that they find a place of hope and meaning in the midst of their uncertainties and struggles. Christianity gives meaning to our uncertainties by placing them in the grander story of Jesus eventual return to take his followers away from, not only the consequences of their old lives, but also their present struggles.

Liam Maguire on Twitter: @LiamMaguire77

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