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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

20 July 2012: Jackie Sollis, St Mary's Church, Buriton

Community Spirit!

Her Majesty the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, was celebrated at the village of Buriton with a wonderful street party.

The day started early, with bunting erected zig zagging throughout the High Street. Flags were put in place on houses and even the local pubs.

Tables - suitably dressed in red, white and blue - snaked down the High street, almost reaching the pond and church. Everyone had a part to play with the preparations, whether it was planning the event, covering tables, peeling onions for the B.B.Q. or cooking the burgers and much, much more! Without everyone playing their part, be it small or large, it just wouldn't have happened.

At 3pm, it all came together, with lots of fun, games for the children, the village school displays, the Liss band playing and even a special celebratory ringing of the Bells at St Mary's church, dedicated to Her Majesty. Then of course the B.B.Q.!

The day was a huge success, the weather was kind and everyone enjoyed the celebrations. In the evening a special evensong of Hymns and Anthems was held at St Mary's Church, followed by a Dinner and Dance at The Barn, with music from the 50's to the present day.

On reflecting about that wonderful day, I feel there is a lesson to be learned for us all, of what marvellous things ordinary people can achieve, with community spirit, Gods help and love. When we see this happening it makes the world a marvellous place, showing us that even the smallest contribution of help can make a difference!

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