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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

3 August 2012: Susanne Irving, Life Church Petersfield

Moment to shine

I sadly missed the Olympic torch relay in Petersfield and therefore decided to watch the relay in Guildford. The first spectators began to line the high street in the early afternoon. By 5.45pm the street was so packed that I could no longer walk to my chosen viewing point. “I saw the flame” flags were waving in anticipation. The crowds practiced cheering and whistling long before the torchbearer arrived.

For half an hour street entertainers and cheerleaders kept reminding us that it would soon be the torchbearer’s “Moment to shine”. We finally caught a glimpse of her, waving at the excited crowds.

However, the event we had been waiting for, in some cases for hours, was over in seconds – a reminder of the fleeting nature of the glory offered in this race in which only 0.0002% of the UK population could participate in.

There is one race we are all called to run. It usually takes decades to complete, and cheering crowds can be few and far inbetween. Life is a tough marathon. Without Jesus, no-one would win the ultimate prize. He ran the race for us to the very end and endured the cross, so that we can all end up as winners if we put our trust in him. With his help, we have not just moments, but eternity to shine.

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