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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

5 September 2012: Joshua Norris, Petersfield United Reformed Church


I cannot help but wonder whether the concept of friendship nowadays has become all too superficial. The wonders of facebook and twitter enable us to get glimpses into people's lives without ever having to spend time with anyone. It may be this form of friendship fills a need for the less extroverted amongst us. However, I have my doubts that reading somebody's facebook status truly allows us to get to know somebody fully and intimately.

I am a user of social networking sites and I admit that I have spent many hours sharing videos and updating statuses, ranting about the plights of Portsmouth F.C, and chatting to friends overseas, yet I must still ask the question- How many of my 400 "friends" do I actually see? How many do I actually share my thoughts and feelings with? How many of them truly want to know anything about me? I would be considered fortunate in life to have 20 or so friends who truly care for me enough to find out how I was doing. Friendship has somehow become skewed.

I am blessed as a person to have some good friends in my life, but none so good as Jesus Christ. The Bible says "Greater love has no-one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." This is what Jesus did for all humanity because he is a friend that truly cares about our well-being and truly loves us all!

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