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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

14 September 2012: David Storey, All Saints, Steep

Good News for everyone?

I have just been listening to someone talking about good news being for the whole of life, and although I don’t agree with some of his details of what that good news is, fundamentally we agree. The life of Jesus has changed how both of us see the world and all creation and all people in it.

Both of us see this world as where we are meant to be, and that all of what we do matters. Both of us see the world as how it has to be if we are to have free will, and our place is to exercise our free will so that the world is a better place not just for ourselves but for everyone. When you read this you may be hearing about the political party conferences both in the UK and in the USA. Are the politicians really trying to create a better world for everyone? If not, what are we doing to encourage them to do so?

Jesus showed a way of walking the talk. He challenged the use of power of the religious and imperial authorities of his day, which was the equivalent of challenging the political and commercial powers of our day. I know he finished up on a cross, but his example has inspired generations including those of other faith commitments, like Ghandi. What is our epitaph to be?

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