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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

28 November 2012: Susanne Irving, Life Church Petersfield

Equiped for the journey

My husband and I are doing a charity climb up Kilimanjaro next February. I have been carefully studying what to bring, as the journey will incorporate all seasons and different terrains. We will start in the rainforest and finish at the snow-capped peak at around -25 C!

One essential item is a pair of well-worn, sturdy, waterproof hiking boots. Another is a reliable head torch to find our way around camp at night and for the final ascent that starts at midnight.

It is also important to walk with a guide who knows the mountain and to carefully follow all of his instructions.

Due to the possibility of altitude sickness, there is no guarantee that we will make it to the top - but one thing is for sure: We will definitely fail if we decide to walk in flipflops or ignore our guide and try to find our own way to the top...

Life's journey also involves different seasons and terrains. Once we have surrendered our life to Jesus, we can finish our journey successfully, even when the air gets thin.

We are given God's spirit as our constant companion. Just as it would be foolish to ignore our Kilimanjaro guide, it would be foolish to ignore the spirit's nudging and promptings.

Regular communication with God (prayer) and studying the map and guidebook our creator has provided (the bible) will ensure that we stay on the narrow path and make it to the top.

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