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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

15 March 2013: David Storey, Steep Church

Darwin’s Belief and Today

A fortnight ago in this column John Studd challenged us to think about how life began. He quoted the Hebrew scripture in Genesis that gave a mythological story describing the creation of the world. Our parish Lent discussion group is looking at the story of Darwin writing on the scientific study of the evolution of the world both physically and biologically. This included his awareness of fossils in the geological strata. It did not stop Darwin believing in God but his understanding of the nature of God developed.

Today we need to take into account the effect of understanding Quantum Physics. To help, Don MacGregor, a priest and scientist, has written Blue Sky God. He covers many aspects of modern scientific understanding to show how our explanations need to evolve and not remain stuck in traditional thinking.

The joy for me is to find that it confirms what I have been thinking, and it takes me further. So if you really do want to stretch your mind and develop your thinking do read Blue Sky God. You will find things at times wonderfully simply put. Don also uses quotes from other authors who have helped with vivid explanations.

It will help keep Jesus central to our thoughts about God and life, and help us to understand why.

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