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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

10 April 2013: Sylvia Roberts - Chair of Trustees of the Unity Bookshop

Important Feet

On Maundy Thursday in Portsmouth Anglican Cathedral Bishop Christopher spoke about how often feet were mentioned in the Gospels in the accounts of the events of Holy Week - Jesus having his feet washed by the woman with the jar of perfume; the tired and toughened feet of the disciples as they followed Jesus; those same feet being tenderly washed by Jesus himself at the Last Supper and the terrible piercing of Jesus own feet at the crucifixion.

This thinking about feet stayed with me as Easter progressed. We make moment by moment decisions about which way our feet will turn and where we will go. The same feet may, in one day, go on an errand of mercy and kindness but later sneak off somewhere not so commendable.

This thinking had particular resonance for me because we continue to be concerned, in the Unity Bookshop, about footfall - the number of people whose feet actually take them to the shop - and in through the door. If the feet of every Christian in Petersfield took them to the shop once a week - or even once a month - to buy a card, a gift, a book or a candle then the shop would feel on a much more secure footing. The Trustees are aware that more signs are needed to guide people down Folly Lane to discover the shop but meanwhile our feet can point the way. We can walk there ourselves and take others along with us.

I realize how easy it is to "let our fingers do the walking". A few taps on the keyboard and in no time a book or gift is delivered to our door. In 2012 the shop celebrated 25 years of trading in Petersfield. It can't survive another 25 without the support of your feet.

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