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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

31 July 2013: Jon Piper, Hope Church

History Leads to Freedom

I've recently been reading some history with my youngest son. This isn't because I'm being a pushy dad - he does enjoy it!
We've heard a lot about early European monarchs, knights, squires and pages, the feudal system and popes. It is all interesting stuff to feed into the imagination of a small boy.

This has led me to wonder what the new Prince of Cambridge might think when he reads this history. I wonder if he might feel that he has a raw deal now that he has very little of the power that his ancestors held, but he does have the severe restrictions of his hereditary role. He will never be able to pop to the corner shop for a chocolate bar. His parents will not be able to arrive at school musical performances without vaulting a bank of reporters first (who may then go on to publish critiques of his trumpeted rendition of 'My Heart Will Go On').
I hope the prince won't feel this weight of history too negatively.

I'm thankful, as a Christian, that I am part of an even deeper historical narrative. Christians are able to trace their story right back to the Jewish patriarchs.
Abraham, Sarah and their children were people who were given a promise that they lived by, well over a thousand years before Christ. This promise did not offer them power or wealth, like those ancient monarchs, but was a promise of a blessing and a relationship with the God who had revealed himself to them.

This is a history that leads to freedom through Abraham's ancestor, Jesus, who was the fulfilment of that promise. I'm thankful that I can find my roots in an aspect of human history that won't restrict or disappoint me, but will lead me to freedom.


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