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16 August 2013: Vanessa Saunders, The Salvation Army

Bucket lists

As I was going to bed last night, my overactive imagination decided that I had to have a Bucket list, a list of things to do before I depart this world.  So in my mind I started to create a list, it included things like go kayaking, have an Indian head massage, read War and Peace, see the Great Wall of China.  Then suddenly the sensible side of my mind decided to have its say “What if this list becomes my life’s obsession, to the point that the only enjoyment I get out of life will be to tick something off of my list?”

One of my favourite Bible teachers is Joyce Meyer, she teaches (amongst many other things) that we should enjoy our everyday lives, not just the big Bucket list moments, and that if we don’t, we run the danger of becoming very empty inside.

The book of John says that Jesus came that we might have and enjoy life and have it in abundance.  So maybe I need an everyday Bucket list, something that will prompt me to enjoy everyday life, so on my list went things like, to be thankful, to be cheerful, to be kind, to smile and the list goes on, it may even become longer than my original Bucket list.

It is really important to have things we want to do in life, but it is also really important to enjoy the little everyday things to.

So what is on your everyday bucket list?

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