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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

28 August 2013: Paul Curd, St Mary Magdalen, Sheet

Life sustained by grace, peace and joy

When we believe in life, magical moments are never far away, whether in the natural world around us, in the smile of a stranger, or in deeper, more meaningful relationships with those around us.

But this is just the beginning, if we are able to also believe in our own lives, and by virtue, the lives of those around us, we begin to see and understand more, and are able to offer kindness and hope which will always be a blessing for those who lives we touch.

None of this, however, prevents life being pierced by moments of sadness and pain, whether our own or those we care for, near or far.

But it is possible to see and experience more within life and move forward with grace, peace and joy also.

When we begin to see God's hand in our lives, not only does he underpin all that has gone before, but we realise we are no longer creating life alone.

We know and see that God is good and that.he reaches right into our lives to make our own lives good too.

We come to see how amazingly gracious that God is towards us in every moment, not only when the sun clearly shines but also where before we saw rain and tears.

We come to see life move more freely by its own choice around us, and despite this, our life now given by him remains sustained by his eternal grace, his eternal peace and his eternal joy.


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