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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

30 August 2013: Melanie Evans, Reader at St Peter’s Church, Petersfield

Back to school

The end of August heralds change. Summer slips into Autumn and a new academic year starts. Pupils and students face different classes, subjects, new schools, colleges, universities and homesickness. Adults also face this annual change in the educational cycle. I was 43 when God turned me into a mature student, spending the next seven years studying hard, coping with homesickness the first year, constant change, challenges, travel and assignments while working full time for the next six years. The learning continues while I put my study and qualifications into practice which is a joy to do.

As the new academic year starts it is worth remembering those fishermen and other disciples who found their lives changed when Jesus asked them to leave what they were doing and follow him. They spent the next three years being taught by Jesus, learning how to do the spiritual and practical work He wanted them to do so the world would know more fully the love of His Father. Peter became the first pope, John and Matthew became authors whose books are still read 2000 years later.

As the new academic year starts, if you want to know more about the Christian faith talk to family and friends who go to church. Do not be worried about asking questions. Who knows, your life may change as you go back to a different type of school.

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