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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

4 September 2013: John Powell, Petersfield Methodist Church

Jesus wants us to be full of God's love

What does Jesus want for his followers? Perhaps you feel this is a strange question and one that we cannot possibly answer.

Well, we do have some pretty clear clues in John's Gospel. Jesus was praying just before he left this earth. He prayed aloud - how good that John was there to take note of his requests.

Jesus prays that the love that his Father has for him may be in his disciples - that's us. Yes, Jesus wants us to be filled with the love that comes from God. Love is something that is very hard to define. It makes no sense at all if we believe we are the product of random, unguided evolution. Yet, in our hearts, we know what love is, and we know that we can never have too much of it. Oh, that we we could know more of his love in our lives.

Jesus also prays that we may have the full measure of his joy. This is amazing, for Jesus is only hours away from the agony of the cross - not just the physical agony, but the agony of bearing the sins of the world as he prays. Yet he had real joy: joy from knowing he was at one with his Father and fully in line with God's plan for our salvation and that he wants us to have that joy, too.

Thirdly, Jesus prays that we may be one, just as he and his Father are one. On 1 September there was a celebration in Petersfield when three groups of Methodist churches joined together in one circuit (grouping). That's good. The celebration took place in St Peter's Church, the Anglican parish church. We are deeply grateful for this. What a message, that we are one in Christ.


From 10 September the Petersfield Museum will be hosting a new exhibition: Beliefs – Religion and Spirituality in Petersfield and Beyond

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