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11 September 2013: John Studd, Life Church Petersfield

This time tomorrow

As a regular part of our Sunday morning service we have a slot that is referred to as TTT – This Time Tomorrow. During this time, in theory limited to just a few minutes, one of the members of the church share what they will be doing this time tomorrow, in other words mid morning on Monday, and by implication, all other days of the week.

Those who undertake to talk about their TTT range from mums who will have done the school run and are then are looking after small children, through students who will be in college, to project managers dealing with multimillion-pound projects.

The purpose of TTT is twofold – first it enables members of the church to learn more about what other people in the church are doing, what their family commitments are, more about their college life or the demands of their work.

Secondly, it provides an opportunity for members of the church to pray meaningfully for the life and work situation of those presenting their TTT – indeed sometimes specific prayer requests are made for an ongoing or future situation.

Undergirding all this is our understanding that the Christian life and belief does not just involve going to church on Sunday; that we are called to witness our faith to what we often refer to as our “Front Line” – those places and times where we live most of our lives, be it at home with our family, at school or college or in an office.

It is on our Front Line that we feel that we are called to be salt and light and to witness our faith and belief through the way we live our lives. Sundays provide the opportunity to worship God, read and study his word and pray together but we spend much more time outside the church than in it and it is in our everyday that we want to share and demonstrate the hope and assurance that we have in our own Christian lives.

For more information about Front Line visit the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity web site

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