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9 October 2013: David Storey, All Saints, Steep

What do we dream?

We have just passed fifty years since Martin Luther King gave a speech including his Dream for America. Have you a Dream for England. I wrote in my Journal:

“I have a dream, that all government including self-government will be based on Love. I will love myself enough to create beauty not only around myself but within myself. Others will be beautiful in all they do, caring for all people, replenishing the earth and loving it into fruitfulness without depletion. We and our children and our children’s children will not abuse creation, but learn to share not it but with it. So the earth will be sustainable long into the future and become even more beautiful.

We shall become a beautiful people. We shall share the gifts of creation to meet all needs because we no longer take to meet our greed. We will work to heal, to remove unfair burdens and the cords that bind. All need freedom not only of a healthy body but also of a healthy mind. We need freedom to care and create a bright future.

For this we need not only knowledge but wisdom. The wisdom to choose aright. We need to choose not only our own good, but the common good. Goodness for all. Goodness in us all. Goodness around us all.”

In the words of Lewis Caroll “Will you join the dance”. And of Sydney Carter “The Dance goes on”. Have a go at writing your own dream and keep going back to reviewing it. Perhaps we can reach the day when we all have the same dream of a world working together for the common good.

This article was submitted for publication in the Petersfield Herald on 9 October; it is possible that it was published earlier or may be published later.

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