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Christmas Eve 2013: Rev'd Peter Norris, Petersfield Untied Reformed Church

So who is this Jesus?

As we fast approach Christmas Day may I take this opportunity on behalf of Petersfield Area Churches Together (PACT) to wish you a very happy Christmas and a joy filled New Year.

By now all the decorations are up, lights switched on, presents bought and excited children counting down the last few sleeps 'til Christmas. One doting father asked his small daughter what she would like for Christmas. She asked for a baby brother. To her surprise and delight her mother returned from hospital on Christmas Eve with a baby boy in her arms. When the father repeated the question the following year the daughter announced. "If it wouldn't be too uncomfortable for Mummy, I'd like a pony."

I would guess that for most of us the Christmas story is such a familiar one with shepherds, angels, a manger, Mary and Joseph and baby. But over the years it has become so embellished, added too and mixed up, that it seems Santa Clause and his little helpers now take centre stage.

However, if we might take the time to read Luke's Biblical record of Jesus' birth we would find the most beautiful, straightforward historic account of what really happened. Luke weaves the old and the new together to tell this amazing love story of an earthly event that comes straight out of heaven.

So who is this Jesus? Why should people still be celebrating the birth of a baby born 2,000 years ago? Why are so many people excited about Jesus? What does it mean to have God with us?

Well each year PACT run Alpha Courses to help people answer some of these searching questions. The next Alpha begins in January at the United Reformed Church. So why not come along to the introduction evening meal on Friday 17th January and see?

Happy Christmas from all the churches of Petersfield.

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