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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

28 February 2014: Simon Mason, Life Church Petersfield

God will provide

Two months of 2014 are already over: how has this year been for you so far? Has the excitement and promise of a new year, only eight or nine weeks ago, carried forward to the present time? Or have things not gone so well? How can we be sure of what will come next?

Recently I read of a lady in Jamaica, who is the director of a school for the deaf. She was pleased that for the first time in seven years, the school would begin with a surplus. She called this 'A Bleesed Start'. But a surplus of what? Plentiful supplies for the school? No. Lots of money in the bank? Not that either. It was simply this: enough food in the cupboard for the coming month.

She has thirty hungry children to look after, with only a limited budget, and so that news was extremely welcome. She used a Bible verse, from 1 Chronicles 16, verse 34, to explain her feelings: 'Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! For His mercy endures forever.'

This lady trusts God to provide for all the children and staff at her school. She's short of even basic things, like food, water and supplies for the school, but she is always grateful for what is provided, and to God for his love and care, and her faith is such that she believes that God will continue to provide.

So, do we have faith that God will provide? Will we believe Jesus, when he says 'Do not worry about your not worry about tomorrow' (Matthew 6). As Corrie ten Boom said, 'Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow; it empties today of its strength'.


This article was submitted for publication in the Petersfield Herald on 28 February; it is possible that it was published earlier or may be published later.

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