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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

5 March 2014: Catherine Adams, United Reformed Church

Spring is on its way... be encouraged

Water, water everywhere... I had thought to keep away from the subject but, with pictures and reports brought to us through the media, and having travelled through flooded roads in our area with the countryside and fields under water, I could not avoid it. For so many people, last year ended and 2014 began with enormous problems and difficulties, each day trying to cope when normality and comfort were a long way away. Yet Season does follow Season and Spring is on its way! We certainly welcome any brighter days - sunshine and blue skies. We see signs of Spring around us. God's creation is waking up once more. Positive and encouraging for the days ahead.

There are a number of references in the Bible for us to be encouraged and to encourage one another.

A while ago a friend sent me a card which she had made and I have continued to read it each day. It has two Bible verses, the first from 1 Samuel, the second from Hebrews: "Consider what great things He has done for you" and " Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever".

As Christians we believe Jesus Christ is alive and living with us today. We may look back to difficult times, but we can also be reminded of the good things we have received from Him and be thankful. Here is encouragement for ourselves. We also need to remember that the same Jesus from yesterday is with us today and will be tomorrow. We can empathise and sympathise with family, friends and those we meet. Let's try to encourage each other.

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