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22 January 2014: Captain Linda Read - The Salvation Army

New Life

John 3:16 'For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.'

If I asked you to choose your favourite season I wonder what you would say. Just think about this for a moment.

I am sure each of the seasons will bring pictures of something into your mind. Maybe it is spring flowers, basking in the summer sunshine, walking through the crisp autumn leaves or even enjoying the cold, frosty mornings of winter.

My favourite season is spring closely followed by autumn. However today I want us to think briefly about spring.

Spring can mean different things to different people, to some people it means starting over and refreshing your life. Some may like to give the house a spring clean others may enjoy the long light evenings. It can be a joyous season that is loved for so many reasons.

The very word "Spring" can bring a smile to a person's face. After a cold, snowy and miserable winter, many people are more than ready to see the first shoots of Spring flowers. I love to see the lambs playing and jumping in the fields.

During this season we have Easter and this is also a time when we can experience and celebrate new life. There is nothing more precious than the new life we can have in Christ Jesus.

On Easter morning, each of us will wake up to a new day. Our children will be excited about their baskets filled with chocolate eggs. They will be thinking about Easter bunnies. They will be excited to go on their Easter egg hunts.

What will you be thinking about this Easter?

I will remember that Jesus my Lord and Saviour rose from the grave for me. Easter is a celebration of what He did for you and me.

This article was submitted for publication in the Petersfield Post on 16 April; it is possible that it was published earlier or may be published later.

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