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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

23 April 2014: Rev'd Joanna Farrell, All Saint's Steep and St Peter's High Cross

Easter Gifts

I wonder what spring means to you? Lambs, flowers, eggs, chicks, gardens bursting into growth, the countryside coming alive as the leaves open on trees and young animal appear? Everywhere there is great energy and growth; things are changing.

At this time of the year the change seems faster than at any other - just a few day's sunshine can bring about a dramatic change in the blossom, the leaves, the overall greenness.

What a contrast this is with the hymn often sung at funerals, Abide with me, with its line, "Change and decay in all around I see." The changes of spring are full of life and growth, not decay and death.

For many people Easter is a significant part of spring and one that has an ongoing effect in changing their lives. At this time Christians remember and celebrate their belief that the death of Jesus on Good Friday and his rising again on Easter Day have opened up the possibility for each and every person to be changed, to be part of a new way of life, to receive the gift of eternal life as promised to them by God through Jesus.

It's a life-changing promise and one that transforms the idea of death from a total ending to the possibility of a new beginning.

For people of faith this life can be a journey from God, the Creator God who gives life to all people and things in the first place, back to God who holds all that has been created for all time.

If you celebrated Easter this year I hope that it was a happy and joyous time. The eggs that many people give and receive at Easter are symbols of a new life - a life following Jesus who died for us and rose again so that we could be freed from the fear of death. Happy easter.

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