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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

9 July 2014: Paul Curd, St Mary Magdalen, Sheet

Complete Joy

If we were able to be complete in our joy, as it says we can in the Bible, wouldn't life be amazing, but somehow it doesn't seem to work out like that. We can try though, there are certain things we can do. We can, for instance, surround ourselves with people we like or protect ourselves from the unsavoury through lifestyle and choice, but still, finding ourselves facing those persistent and bothersome quandaries that still occur is an uncomfortable process.

It is often just as difficult to come to terms with events that happen at large in the world as it is with those things which occur closer to our doorstep or even more immediately in our lives.

It can often seem that life has a needy habit of reaffirming the differences between ourselves and others, and our inclination is often to believe this is true. In life we can tend to place what we believe we know on something of a hidden pedestal of our own making, and it's true, this allows us to hold positions on what we believe we know.

Holding a position determines the space between us but knowing something and understanding it are not necessarily the same thing. We may know, for instance that a plane may fly or that a leaf is green yet not understand why, likewise we may know a person yet not truly understand them. To come to understand something or someone is to care enough in some way to do so.

Between ourselves, caring enough to understand one another reduces the space between us until we come to a place where we find there is no position left to hold, we open our hearts and love again. Only then can our joy begin to become complete. Ah yes, that's what it says.


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