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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

11 July 2014: Tom Cooper, St Mary’s Church, Buriton

God with us

The Study Group at St Mary’s Buriton have just started studying Ecclesiastes, one of the books of Wisdom in the Old Testament. This might sound dull, but you would be amazed – this book expresses almost every doubt that anyone has ever had about religion.

Having looked around for a lifetime, the author takes the view that everything in life is pointless. Death comes to all, and once life is over there is nothing left except a fleeting memory of the dead person who is soon forgotten. Good is not rewarded in life while the wicked get all the breaks. God is unknowable and unreachable.

There cannot be many who have not felt at some time or other that this is an accurate picture of life. In this regard, the book is perhaps even more topical today than it would have been when it was written. However, is it the full story?
Christians believe that there is more. One thing missing from the book is love, love that might be shared and passed around, with the potential to make the world a better place. For Christians, the prime example of this love is Jesus, who in his ministry and by his death and resurrection reveals to us what love can do. More than this, he shows us who God is - not unknowable and unreachable, but here with us, now and for all time.

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