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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

13 August 2014: Sid Shearing, Petersfield Evangelical Church


As I write this, it is 4 August, the day of commemoration of 100 years on from the outbreak of The First World Was for Britain.

We all know of the many people who were engaged in the war and lost their lives. My wife and I reflected on the vast number of people who had given their lives in that war for our freedom today. There are so many accounts of people who served and lost their lives at a young age.

I am sure many of you have wondered how you would have responded and felt if you had been faced with doing your duty for your country and the possibility of giving your life.

We say thank you to all who served in the First World War to allow us to live today. We lit a candle at 10pm in memory of the men and women who died. At 11pm the candle was extinguished. They lost their lives but we live on.

The candle in the darkness also reminded us of Jesus as the Light of the World. He is the Son of God and revealed himself as the light. He gave up his life when he went to the cross and died in our place. He was crucified to take the punishment for our sin so that we might be forgiven, and one day be with him in heaven.

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