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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

5 November 2014: John Powell, Petersfield Methodist Church

Having a scan?

A couple of weeks ago, I had an MRI scan in a local hospital. I expect you, or someone you know, has been in the same boat. I was put in a little cubicle with a whole pile of those fascinating hospital gowns ... I wondered what sort of people would be wearing them all! Then I had to strip, and put on one of these. How are chaps expected to tie ribbons round their backs?

By now, I had been transformed from myself into a patient, it seemed. Then onto the cradle of the MRI instrument, and trundled into its bowels. How important that the instrument could concentrate on scanning me, without distractions from my clothes, or the contents of my pockets! I am still waiting to hear whether my inside is how it should be, or whether the surgeons need to get ready for action!

I pondered that this is a picture of going before our Maker when we leave this earth. He does not see what clothes we are wearing; or whether we are rich or poor, or a high or low achiever in the world's eyes. He sees the simple, uncluttered me. I can't fool Him with my accessories! Will it be a pretty sight?

For the Christian, there is good news. Jesus has died for us, and offers us forgiveness. If we accept His offer of full life, then the 'heavenly scan' will show up no 'nasties'; these have already been removed by Jesus. How privileged is the Christian, and how important that we share this good news with others.

Remembrance Day Service in The Square, Petersfield next Sunday, 9 November at 10:00 am

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