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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

12 November 2014: Susanne Irving, Life Church Petersfield

Looking after our daily bread

"Give us this day our daily bread", we pray, but what do we do with the bread that is provided?

God is calling us to be good stewards and to enjoy the resources that have been given. Looking after our food is a way of saying "thank you" for our blessings. And we ARE blessed. We can "afford" to throw away food surpluses. I recently found out from our local baker that bread that does not sell on market days ends up in the bin, even though there is nothing wrong with it. Freshly baked bread goes hard over time, but does not go moldy like supermarket loaves.

One of the first principles suggested by the Christian Ecology Group is to buy locally wherever possible. Less transport miles mean less greenhouse emissions. Local purchases also support the local economy - a way of loving our neighbors as ourselves.
Buying locally also builds community. "My" baker is sick at the moment. I know many people who are asking after his wellbeing and are praying for him and his family. Community is created around bread - just as Jesus envisaged during the Last Supper.

So let's find ways of making use of what we have been given. Let's start with eating the bread that is baked locally for us - but let's not stop there. Let's work together to be better stewards of the environment in all areas.

Don't forget -during November put your green Waitrose tokens into the Christmas Day Lunch container. See the account and photographs of the Remembrance Day Service in Petersfield

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