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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

10 December 2014: Bill Grace, St Peter's Church, Petersfield

Take a Break

Surely you've fallen asleep in front of your television? It's nothing to be ashamed of. Your brain has merely admitted that it would like to 'close down' and 'take a break'. Having a 'break' is not s symptom of laziness. Most of us appear to follow increasingly busy lives, even those of us who rejoice in the status of 'retired'.

The period that commerce is pleased to call 'the lead up to Christmas' is these days increasingly frenetic, especially for those of us smitten with what some bleakly call the work ethic.

Everyone, of whatever faith, or no faith at all, needs a break in his or her busy life. What is the answer?

Nowadays, it seems fashionable to pay scant attention to what the church - any church - says. People comment that churches are riven with divisions among themselves anyway - so why pay them any attention? They have a point.

But perhaps the churches have 'got it right' in at least one respect: in the three weeks before Christmas and ever since the Middle Ages, there are those who are quietly and reverently observing this period we now know as Advent. They are preparing themselves for the arrival of God's son Jesus into this world.

Some members of my family seem to have been preparing for Christmas since Bonfire Night. This is OK as long as we remember that we all need a break somewhere along the way and that Advent may be a good time to have it.

We might surprise ourselves as we ponder what the coming holiday (holy day) is really all about.

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