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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

4 March 2015: Rev'd Chris Williams, Rector. St Mary’s, Liss

Is there a better way?

This week Church of England bishops submitted a ‘pastoral letter’ addressed to ‘The people and parishes of the Church of England'. Its provocative content has been making some waves, but I believe it makes for stimulating and challenging reading for people of all faiths and none.

The letter calls for ‘a fresh moral vision of the kind of country we want to be’. The publication of this letter reinforces two points in which I believe passionately. First, faith, while personal, can never remain private but must express itself in every area of life – including the political. Second, the Christian faith will always have a bias towards the poor, the weak and the oppressed. I believe this letter offers an appealing vision that seeks to move beyond the simplistic divisions of left and right.

I wonder if, like me, you ever find yourself saying ‘There must be a better way!’ There is – and it starts with you and it starts with me. We are in Lent, traditionally a time of self-reflection, so why not find some time to consider what a perfect world might look like and what you might do to enable such a world. If you want some inspiration, why not Google ‘Church of England’ and read the Bishops’ letter?

Read the letter from the Church of England’s House of Bishops: Who is my neighbour?

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