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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

25 March 2015: Peter Belton, St. Mary Magdalen, Sheet

Mothers' Day

Or, as the Church puts it, Mothering Sunday. Traditionally, it's a day we say "Thank you" to our Mums and give her a small gift. But is there more to this celebration than our usual traditional response, which is often entirely secular.

So, we celebrate what? Not only our own mothers but also "mothering". For people who do it, what do they do?

Dictionaries offer various attributes:

Also a mother can be the mould from which the child is cast, by the example of her life.

There are many "mother" expressions:

The Bible has examples aplenty of mother characters, from the very beginning; Eve, Sarah, Moses', Samuel's, Solomon's judgement. The list goes on......

Then it struck me that God is a bit like that.

God says in Isaiah, "Even if a mother is really able to forget he child she has suckled, I will not". Psalms 17 and 91 talk about hiding in the shadow of God's wing. Jesus appreciates the Canaanite mother with a sick child and the plight of pregnant and nursing mothers at the time of Tribulation, yet to come.

All these things seem to point to the Father's Mothering heart. So it's a bit more than a bunch of daffs. with tea and cake!

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