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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

29 April 2015: John Powell, Petersfield Methodist Church

Easter has come and gone

Yes, the Easter holidays are over. The children are back at school.; the offices are open again. Easter eggs have long since been devoured. For some of us, that short getaway to the sun leaves only a rapidly fading tan, and a depleted bank balance! But is there any lasting legacy, one wonders.

For the Christian, there most certainly is! There is no doubt that Jesus of Nazareth, the roving preacher, was cruelly murdered on the cross, mainly because he threatened the positions of the Jewish leaders, and the Romans did not want to upset them, even though they knew that Jesus was innocent of any capital offence. The followers of Jesus, including the wider circle, were devastated. Two influential supporters provided the body with a decent tomb.

But then, on the third day, when some of His friends went to pay their respects, they found the tomb empty, in spite of tight security. Later that day, Jesus appeared in person to his central group of followers... and again the following week, and on various occasions in diverse places. The disciples were shell-shocked... a mixture of fear and delight.

One of the more sceptical of His followers, Thomas, on being confronted with the risen Jesus, blurted out "My Lord and My God". He recognised Jesus not only as being alive, but as being God's Son, and as his personal Lord. All of the disciples were totally changed by seeing Jesus, and went on to serve Him by spreading the Gospel of new life through faith in Jesus, often at immense personal cost.

So it is with every Christian; we believe that Jesus is alive, and is Lord, and we give our lives in service to our loving Saviour.

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