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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

10 June 2015: Paula Hudson, Life Church Petersfield

More about cake

BBC’s Horizon excellent programme What’s the Right Diet For You? aired at the beginning of this year. In it they did an experiment with cake in which they gave two dieting groups of people a treat. Each group was given a slice of truly opulent cake for each member, but the first group were told the slice was around 200 calories, and the second group that it was about 700 calories. The first group went back to their diets without problems, but the second group, knowing they had blown their diets, went on to eat eight times as much cake as the first group and were planning to make an even better job of it by going for a curry afterwards. But it was the first group that had been lied to, and the second that had been told the truth.

Most people who have dieted will recognise the state of mind of the second group, and many will have done what they were planning when the organizers showed them the recording of the groups and started to analyse what their thought processes were. They had fallen into the state of mind that the organizers called Catastrophic Thinking. As a former failed dieter myself I would say their problem was not what they believed about that one slice of cake but their underlying beliefs, which for me are:

I can’t stick to this diet and This diet won’t work for me.

This kind of catastrophic thinking underlines and re-enforces failure. The problem in the Garden of Eden started when Eve started to believe that she was being deprived, i.e. before any-one ate an apple. It started when she began to believe that God did not have her best interests at heart.

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