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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

17 June 2015: Rosemary Ward, Petersfield United Reformed Church

Touching lives

Listening to the radio the other day, I happened to tune in to an item where someone was explaining that waiting staff are likely to get larger tips if they introduce themselves to customers by name and have friendly contact with them during service.

I did not think any more about this until the other day when I was buying a snack in a local supermarket dining area. As I paid my bill the young lady at the till seemed to be making sure that she lightly brushed my hand as she have me my change, perhaps she had been told that I am more likely to return again if there is some contact.

Similarly, nuisance callers use my name and enquire as to my health in the hope that I will be less likely to put the phone down on them.

Reflecting on these things I was reminded of an occasion when Jesus was touched by a woman who wanted healing. She had such faith that she was cured as she touched the edge of his cloak. Jesus knew that she had touched him as he felt power go out from him

Jesus did not have to touch people physically to have a profound effect on their lives. Many people, over the centuries, have had their lives changed through hearing his teaching.

As we go about our daily lives we, too, can have a great deal of influence on the people we meet - it could be through something we say or something we do. The chances are that we will never know how we might have 'touched' the lives of those around us, but let us make sure that our dealings with other people are all as positive and genuine as we can make them, for their benefit rather than our own.

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