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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

15 July 2015: Rev'd Will Hughes, St Peter's, Petersfield

A year of Petersfield Area Churches - Together

Petersfield is full of thriving churches- the Methodists, Roman Catholics, the United Reformed church, the Salvation Army, the Life church, and several Anglican parish churches. All these churches worship on Sunday in different places, at different times and in different ways. But all of us know that we are a part of something bigger- the great family of the Christian Church across the world. That's why we meet together as PACT. As PACT, we get to know each other, and learn about the differences and similarities between us; we share the good things happening in each of our churches; we spend time looking at what Petersfield needs, which has led to the Christmas day lunch for those who would otherwise spend Christmas day alone, and the soup run for those who are homeless; and together we do the work of the Church, finding ways to help and serve God's creation. This means that PACT continues to support the Kings Arms, the food bank, the town centre chaplains, Petersfield counselling service, learning support and messy church, to name a few.

But much more than this, members of the churches in Petersfield can be found contributing to almost every part of the life of our town. In charities, in volunteer groups, in support groups and foreign partnerships, in civic events and in local government, we are there, playing our part, because we know that in serving others, we are serving God.

Recently Petersfield welcomed 3 new churches- the Quakers, Hope Church and Trinity church, and we very much hope that they will become part of the Churches Together too.

This year we have concentrated on helping every member of our churches to encounter Christians who are different to them, and while walking together or eating together, to make Petersfield Area Churches Together not just a name, but a statement of fact..

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