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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

26 August 2015: Jeannine Davies, St Mary Magdalene, Sheet

Stick to the truth

A teenage I know was recently accused of stealing bottles of beer from her grandparent's house and hoarding her 'stash' in a wood store. He said she hid her empties in his rubbish bin. The accuser, a builder who had often worked for the family, also said she had stolen his cigarettes.

The girl was devastated and denied the accusations apart from taking one beer from her grandparent's fridge, with their permission, when she had worked in their garden during their absence. Her innocence was proven not only by the grandparent's affirmation that the had no 'stash' of beers in the house but by the builder's own son who was also working on the site and who reminded his dad that they had smoked the  cigarettes during the day.

The rest of the accusations proved to be mere fabrication - a lie to you and me. For the family, including the grandparents, this was the last straw. Too many small irritations that had already occurred when the builder was around, culminating with these unkind and possibly damaging lies, led them to terminate his contract. A lie, so easily invented, has caused fear, pain and panic to the accused; upset and anger to her family and the loss of his job to the builder.

Next time I'm tempted to lie, I'd better remember one of God's ten commandments: ' Thou shalt not bear false witness' and stick to the truth only.

How about you?




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