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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

7 October 2015: Rev'd David Rice, Petersfield Methodist Church

Feeding the Hungry

A number of us have spent part of the summer reconfiguring the Food Bank in Petersfield. When it was started by Petersfield Area Churches Together (PACT) almost five years ago, it was not envisaged how busy it would be and the problem of storing the quantity of food required quickly developed. Something had to be done, hence the busy summer. Now we have a new store, with proper shelving and everything in its proper place, which is very satisfying.

The Food Bank receives donations of food from many individuals who buy one or two extra items when they are shopping and donate them for the benefit of people who need emergency food support. Most churches have collection points and display lists of what is needed (and not required at present). Gifts are sorted, date marked (we do not give food past its sell-by date) and made up into packs for either a family or a single person.

The Food Bank itself does not assess people’s needs. All our customers are referred to us by other caring organisations – e.g. Citizens’ Advice Bureau, Sure Start, Home Start, Children’s Centre, Health Centres, Job Centre, churches and schools. We only supply those who are referred by places such as these. If you know someone who is hungry, please direct them to one of these agencies. We have food and are anxious to give it away to those who struggle to survive.

We long for the day when a Food Bank will no longer be necessary. The stories people tell convince us of the continuing need. Thank you to all those who support this important work.

See the PACT Food Bank page

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