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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

4 November 2015: David Francombe, St Peter's Church

St Peter's Choir

Do you love to hear beautiful music sung in church? Do you love to sing? St Peter's Choir is a friendly, mixed choir of all ages with around two dozen members and we are looking for new singers.

Rehearsing on Friday evenings, the choir sings at the Sunday Morning Parish Eucharist and on the second and fourth Sundays of the month sings Choral Evensong, with settings of the responses and canticles and an anthem.

Junior choristers receive separate small-group training, leading to the various ribbons of the Royal School of Music's (RSCM) scheme. Seven members of the choir have passed the Silver (Bishop's) Award and two the Gold Award. Children wishing to join St Peter's Choir are invited to come to the church for training on a Thursday afternoon after school, when they receive instruction in the art and science of being a member of a choir. This includes learning to sing and read music.

Once they have found their feet, they join with the more experienced choristers in a later session, where training for RSCM awards and rehearsals of Sunday music takes place. The only prerequisites are enthusiasm and the ability to read words well, so a minimum age of six or seven is the norm. The initial weeks are probationary from all points of view.

A choir like St Peter's gets through a heck of a lot of music; we sing on average ten specific 'choir only' items a month which means a repertoire of probably three hundred items - very good for sight reading! And it's fun. We laugh a lot and hopefully don't take ourselves too seriously. And in Mark Dancer, our director of music, we have a musician of exceptional quality - not only as a choir trainer but as an organist, music arranger and composer.

If you would like more details contact Mark Dancer via the Parish Office on 01730 260213.

The annual Remembrance Day Service will take place this Sunday: 8 November

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