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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

11 November 2015: Read by Cllr Lesley Farrow, Mayor of Petersfield at the Remembrance Day Service in The Square, Petersfield on Sunday 8 November

Remembrance Day Prayer

Father eternal, we offer our thanks for all who showed heroism and courage in the face of cruelty and oppression in two world wars. We remember those who served in the armed forces; who worked on the home front in civil defence, hospitals and relief agencies; in factories, shops and farms.

For the patient suffering and dedication of all who kept alight the lamp of freedom and sustained hope in the hearts of others. For the steadfastness and endurance of the inhabitants of cities and countryside during the dark days of war.

For thosemen and women of the armed services who have given their lives, or have been permanently damaged, physically and mentally, in many just wars since 1945.

For the Royal British Legion, who offer care and support to the people of the wartime generation; and other fellowships of men and women, who are dedicated to the relief of suffering.

For our town of Petersfield and the surrounding communities; and for the opportunities of building our lives on foundations of peace.

For the beauty of your world, and for all people everywhere; especially those who seek the ways of compassion and peace.

For the courage and chivalry of our countrymen and women seeking to bring peace and order today in dangerous situations at home and overseas.

For our Sovereign Lady, Queen Elizabeth and her family; for her care for her people in these islands and throughout the Commonwealth; that you continue in her your royal gifts of service.

Show us good Lord, the peace we should seek, the peace we must give, the peace we can keep, the peace we can forgo, and the peace you have given in Jesus Christ our Lord.

See photographs taken during the Remembrance Day Service and the video of Rev'd Will Hughes address
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